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JCM American DBV Bill ValidatorMaintain your JCM DBV-30x Bill Validator

The DBV-30X models offers the most secure and reliable acceptance of any of today’s bill validators in the lottery, amusement and vending industries. We have designed our equipment to perform at the highest acceptance rates. Our commitment to maintain these rates in the field has led to the design of an easy, fast, and unobtrusive means of cleaning our Validators. A simple cleaning can now be performed by anyone filling vending machines or wiping down video or table games. When a VLT (Video Lottery Terminals) needs cleaning it is as easy as inserting a cleaning card. Now when you insert our JCM Waffletechnology® Cleaning Card the task can be done in seconds even as a patron is waiting to insert another note to play again.

Look for the JCM DBV Bill Validator Cleaning Card

JCM DBV Bill Validator Cleaning Card

The new JCM DBV Bill Validator Cleaning Card is uniquely designed to maintain it’s height as the product flows through the validator.

JCM DBV Bill Validator Cleaning Card

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