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JCM American WBAMaintain your WBA Bill Validator

The WBA models consistently offers the reliable service which is the hallmark of JCM’s Bill Validators. We have designed our equipment to perform at the highest acceptance rates. Our commitment to maintain these rates in the field has led to the design of an easy, fast, and unobtrusive means of cleaning our Validators. A simple cleaning need not involve opening the equipment under the watchful eye of security and management disturbing the casino floor. Now by inserting our JCM Waffletechnology® Cleaning Card the same task can be done quickly without disturbing your patrons gaming enjoyment.

JCM American JCM Waffletechnology® Bill Validator Cleaning Card.

What the JCM Cleaning System accomplishes in your JCM Bill Validators:

  • The System’s card performs in both the UBA® and WBA® Validators with the same process;
    • Activates Cleaning Mode
    • Card passes back and forth three times within the Validator
    • Cleans lenses
    • Cleans belts
    • Removes loose debris from Rollers
    • Cleans Bill Paths
    • Software update version 1.44-12
  • When an optional Sentry® Bezel is installed on either UBA® or WBA® a warning light is provided to notify operator of Bill Validator status;
    • Flashes to indicate a need of maintenance – slot tech can see from across the floor
    • Symbols for diagnostics alert slot tech
    • This is an upgrade item and is not standard
    • Slot Techs love it

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