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With the growing popularity of destination casinos and gaming institutions, comes the increased demand for safe, clean and efficient equipment. Casinos and high traffic areas can be dirty environments and your equipment will get dirty, but opening the machines and wiping them down in front of gaming patrons is not appealing. The JCM Cleaning Card will properly clean the lenses, heads, rollers, and belts, which use to take several minutes per validator, in just 15 seconds.

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JCM Global Adds Cleaning Mode Software.

The cleaning mode software update (Update number 1.44-12) is now active in most JCM UBA and WBA Validators (click here for more information on updating your software). When the Cleaning System is inserted it instructs the Validator to make several passes of the waffles over the lenses, burnish the rollers and belts, and remove contaminates within the Validator.

Waffletechnology® cleaning card for the JCM DBV-30X Models

The newest addition to the JCM family is designed for the Lottery, Vending and Amusement Industries.

Opening the Validators and wiping them down with some dirty soapy rag in front of gaming patrons is not appealing. Properly cleaning the lenses, heads, rollers, and belts used to take several minutes per Validator while the game is open. Why do it? In 15 seconds the Validator is clean without anyone noticing you even cleaned it.

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